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MILLENNIUM RESEARCH CONSULTANTS is a distinguished organization with an advanced network of researchers across the globe. Our team comprises of highly specialized academics and exceptional industry professionals  with a noteworthy publication record. We are a group of highly experienced research experts who  deliver quality output on a project to project basis. Our consultancy and research methods are designed to produce high quality reports and advice to clients, focused on delivering actionable insights.



MILLENNIUM  RESEARCH CONSULTANCY strives to be the leading global research firm that clients rely on for all of their industry and academic research needs.



  • Research publication program

  • Research Coaching

  • Funding applications

  • Market Insights & Business reports

  • Cases Reviews and Evaluations

  • Dissertations and proposal coaching

  • Questionnaire development

  • Business plans

  • Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

  • Data Capturing and transcribing

  • Data analysis

  • Proof reading & Language editing

  • Meta-analysis publication program

  • Online tutoring 

  • Statistical consultation

  • Manuscript editing

  • Abstract and poster presentation

  • Plagiarism check

  • Any miscellaneous assistance in academic and business research


jerremy Jordan

Thank you so much Millenium Research Consultants group . Applying for funding  for my business has been easier  with your assistance!!

Gerard Kline

MRC Team yo have no idea how you have helped our business with important insights and how much time  you have saved us

Alfred Ncobo

“When it comes to  qualitative  analysis, MRC is my #1 go-to  organisation. If you’re serious about reliable  analysis you need  the services of MRC.”